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This will be a general purpose page that will reflect a bit
of everything going on in my life.

Been pretty busy.  Did some fill in gigs with my friends
from Full Circle last month & had a blast at The Hop &
Montebello Park.  I hope to do it again some other time.

I just met with the guys from Primavera & was asked to
join.  I said yes & the rest will be laid out as it comes up.  
Come check us out once we have some shows booked.  
It's a great mix of dance, oldies & latin tunes.

I will also be filling in for my friend's in Broken Moon on
October 1st at a Carnival in the city of Gardena.  I will post
details as soon as I have them.  That's it for now.  Later.
New News (as 9/21/2005)!!!