Crystal Lynx circa 1985.  l-r:
Carlos, Clark & me.
Intrigue 1988 (?)  l-r: Ron, Melissa, Casey &
lil ol me.
My Life, Musical & More

I was born January 10, 1969 in Torrance, CA.  My
parents & I would eventually move to Bell, CA,
where I would spend a good portion of my life.
I would always listen to my mom & dad's albums,
but in late 1977 I made my first record purchase.  
It was "KISS Alive II".  The record that changed my
life.  I really liked Aerosmith, but the cover of that
KISS album was too much to resist.
The drum solo was especially intriguing.  A few
years later, I started bugging for a drum kit.  The
only problem was, I lived in an apartment.  But I
continued to bug.
By 1984 I had given up on the drum kit & turned
my sites towards another instrument.  The
guitar.  On April 13th, 1984, my mother bought
me a Hondo II Les Paul copy.  The only problem
was I played left-handed.  I re-strung the guitar &
began my musical journey.

I was self-taught mostly due to the fact that most
of the people I knew that played were very tight
with their knowledge.  My best friend, Carlos, & I
started a band that we named Crystal Lynx.  We
would talk music for hours & we finally found a
drummer & bass player.
Our first gig was at an evening assembly of the
PTA at our high school.  All I really remember us
playing was this strange mix of the only two
songs we really knew, the intro to "Jessie's Girl"
that led into "Since You've Been Gone".
Carlos would be my musical partner for years
after that.

We met a new drummer one day while walking to
the local pawn shop for guitar strings.  After
meeting with our new friend, Gus, we hooked up
& formed my next band, Typhon.  We played out a
few times, including my first club gig at Jezebel's
in Anaheim.  I remember it was a very cold night.  
Carlos, Clark & I had to wait outside because we
were underage.

We wrote quite a few songs in those days, but we
all eventually went our separate ways.  I would
hook up with a few new friends once I started
going to Community College.

Next up was Intrigue, which featured fellow
bandmates Ron (guitar), Casey (drums) &
Melissa (vocals).  This band went nowhere & did
nothing, but it brought Ron & I together so we
could form my next band, Wildside.

Wildside consisted of myself, Ron, Alex (bass), &
future L.A. Barflys, Raul (Johnny) & Steve
(drums).  Wildside was a lot of fun, but it was
time to move on.

This was an interesting time.  I joined a band
called Heaven Sent.  It was a Christian band & I
wasn't Christian.  Needless to say, this didn't
last.  It did keep my chops up for my next gig as
co-lead guitarist for Street Lethal.

Along with my friends Gordon (guitar), John
(vocals), Anna (drums) & Danny (bass) we wrote
a lot of cool songs & played quite a few shows.  I
had the time of my life.

Some of the faces changed along the way.  
Gordon & I were joined along the way by good
friends Scott (bass) & Dan (drums).

To be continued......